Damascus Knife with Bone Handle Collection

Knives with Bones of deceased animals are used to make handles for knives. And offer a very strong grip, knife with bone handles look awesome in terms of appearance and also increase the durability of the knife. All the bone knives have to go through the Jigging process for modified bits to cut out the pieces of bone to make a fit handle.

Knives With Bone Handle

Jigging offers a beautiful surface of texture on bones. Easy to shape, these bone handles emphasize generally the durability of the knife. Damascus steel Fixed blade knives with bone handles are features mostly, eminent look and striking life of the knife.  Mostly bone handles are used in Damascus hunting knives, custom skinning knives with bone handles.

At Damascus knives maker we have a collection of the best knives with bone handles including you can check out and choose your favourite bone handle knife. And also you can place a custom bone handle knife if you have requirements.

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