Damascus Folding Knives

7.0 Inches Folding Damascus Steel Knife


Folding Damascus Steel Knife come with leather cover come with over all size of 7.0 Inches and if we talk about blade the length of blade is IS 2.8 Inches long handle is made with camel bone and its one of the best hunting folding Damascus knife

Camel Bone Handle Handmade Damascus Folding Knife


hand forged damascus steel folding knife with camel bone handle good grip and very sharp blade of damasus quality steel

Color Bone Handle Handmade Damascus Steel Stunning Folding Knife


Color Bone Handle Handmade Damascus Steel Stunning Folding Knife ideal for those who are looking for colorfull handle and sharp blade damascus folding knife

Custom Damascus Folding Knife with Beautiful Brown Bone Handle


Custom Damascus Folding Knife with Beautiful Brown Bone Handle come with hand forged damascus steel very sharp blade and bone handle

Custom Damascus Folding Knife Damascus Steel Handle


hand forged very sharp damascus folding knife the best thing about knife is handle is also made with high quality damascus steel

Custom Handmade Damascus Steel folding Knife


Custom Handmade Damascus Steel folding Knife. Sheep horn handle.It Comes With  Leather cover ideal for those who are looking for compact pocket knife with option of folding.

Custom Handmade Lockback Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife

Original price was: 200.00$.Current price is: 120.00$.

Real damascus folding knife comes with leather sheath to protect from stains and sharp blade. Folding is also a EDC for different purposes. Handle is made of damascus and strong in grip.  

Damascus steel folding knife set 3 PCS

Original price was: 400.00$.Current price is: 250.00$.

Hand made custom Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knives Set of 3 1st is made with hands and its Copper Engraved Bolster with Micarta Sheet Handle Material .  2nd is Brass Bolster with Stag Horn Handle Material 3rd is Damascus Steel Bolster with Wooden Handle Material All 3 Damascus folding knives hold and edge and blade...

Damascus Steel Curva Folding Knife


Made with Damascus steel with rippled texture pattern on blade, one of best curved folding knife with 7-1/2" inches total length. this knife come with a liner lock mechanism, and you can  opened and closed this folding knife with one hand , the handle made with buffalo horn and colored bone, its one of the...

Damascus Steel Folding Knife With Beautiful Ram Horn Handle


This Damascus Folding Back Lock Knife is Brand new, hand crafted by the team of Damascus Knives Shop. The attention to details is out of this world

Damascus Steel Handmade Folding Knife with Natural Wood Handle


Made with hands hand forged damascus steel and 1095 AND 15N20 high low carbon steel with Made with hands. One of the best folding knife. Each knife comes with leather sheath.

Damascus Steel Tracker Knife with Stag Horn Handle


Damascus Steel knife has quality contents to give it an excellent edge and sharp cutting ability . it is hand sharpened to a sharp edge .

Damascus Folding knives

Damascus steel Folding knives are also known as pocket knives made with pure Damascus steel and their very compact genuine handmade Pocket knives come with different type of handles like camel bone, olive wood, and rosewood.

Why You Should Buy Damascus Pocket Knife

We Sale high-end Custom Damascus pocket knife collections and all knives custom-made by our experts and who know how to make the best handmade Damascus folding knives.  Our hand-forged Damascus folding knives are Compact and easy to carry and you can use them in daily life. Our goal is to make the best quality folding Damascus knives for our customers. You can also order custom Damascus folding knives according to your requirement. Damascus Steel Folding knife Affordable knives, compact and made to be best and good for a long time. Damascus steel folding knife collection on our websites s are made with Damascus Steel, D2 steel, or 440C blades and looks genuine you can place your order online and we will assure you give you the best Damascus folding knife. Damascus pocket knives are made with hands  with different handle types, for instance, such as camel bone, stag handle pocket folding knives USA, and wood handle. Rosewood, and wood.