Damascus Hunting Knives

Custom Handmade Lockback Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife


Real damascus folding knife comes with leather sheath to protect from stains and sharp blade. Folding is also a EDC for different purposes. Handle is made of damascus and strong in grip.  

Handmade Custom Damascus Skinning Steel Knife With Flint Red Mosaic Handle


This hunting, camping and tracking knife is a beautiful hand forged knife comes with flint red mosaic finish handle, makes it look different and gives firm grip. Comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Custom Damascus Steel Knife With Damascus steel Handle


Shurap hunting knives are not less in quality than any other hunting knife. This knife is best for hunting, camping, tracking, and outdoor activities. This knife features a Damascus steel handle and double-layered Damascus steel blade that makes it very sharp.

Handmade Custom Damascus Steel Straight Point Skinner Knife


Skinning knife is a type of tool/knife that is highly involved in hunting and tracking, also used in the game butchery after hunt. This skinning knife detailed as; handle is made of Damascus steel with Etched design With  Silver Bolsters Brass Pins. Comes With leather sheath .

Buy Handmade Damascus Hunting Knives Online

If you love hunting then you must understand that hunting knife and are the most important gear while hunting because peeling the skin of animals after hunting is a different task and for that purpose, there is a requirement of best-hunting knives. At Damascus knives, we offer different types of hunting knives made with Damascus steel hunting folding knives, fixed blade hunting knives. If you are looking for the best online hunting knife store in the USA, we are here to offer you fixed blade hunting knives and custom hunting knives as well Also, we made high-quality Damascus steel hunting knives and hunting knives that are ideal for pro hunters and if you want to order a custom hunting knife you can also get in touch with us and we will make your hunting knife according to your requirement feel free to explore our Damascus hunting knife collection online.