Damascus Pocket Knife

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Pocket Karambit Knife With Horn Handle


This hand forged damascus steel Karambit knife  made of Damascus steel blade and Bull Horn | Brass Engraved Bolster handle, 1095 AND 15N20 high low carbon steel with 200 LAYERS and one of very sharp blade.

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A good Damascus pocket knife is important for anybody who love to have compact Damascus pocket knife . Whether it’s your everyday task or for outdoor fishing any other use, Damascus pocket knives are made with high quality Damascus steel and we know the importance of good Damascus steel pocket knife and we make best damascus pockets knives and  there are some with Damascus steel pocket knife with clip etc. Every person  person has their own preferences about Damascus steel pocket knives  some people like damascus blade pocket knife we have big range of handmade damascus steel knives you can find according to your  budget.