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The tracker knives have the history of behind its creation and was known as the knife which can be used for all kinds of survival purposes. Tom Brown Jr was the founder of the tracker knives and from where he gets the idea of creating the tracker knives, in an interview he was asked by the reporter that which knife you will consider is the best for all kinds of survival, so he had to think for the minute and then replied that, perfect survival knife doesn’t exist till now. Then from this only answer has led him to the way that he had to create a knife that will be considered as the perfect knife for the survival.
It took around 7 years for tom to design the basic structure of the tracker knife and uncountable prototype for the perfect tracker knife. Tom wants the perfect manufacturer for the creation of the first version of the tracker knife, so he chose Ed Lombi to implement and manufacture the first design of the tracker knives, Ed Lombi was one of the finest knife making person and was being in the business of for several years but when Tom had reached to him Ed Lombi had left that knife making business and persuaded his other interests, then Tom had found another manufacturer which was Dave Beck and he was the one who had created the tracker knives first version and then in 2001 he was also being retired from the manufacturing of the tracker knives and then again for several years the tracker knives was not available. The film was also being created on the life of Tom Brown Jr which was named as the “the Hunted”.