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Custom Handmade Lockback Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife

Original price was: 200.00$.Current price is: 120.00$.

Real damascus folding knife comes with leather sheath to protect from stains and sharp blade. Folding is also a EDC for different purposes. Handle is made of damascus and strong in grip.  

8 Custom Damascus Steel Chef Knives Set with Colored Bone 8 PCS


Get professional  Custom Damascus Steel Chef knife  Set with Colored Bone & Bull Horn Handle specially made for professionals in the kitchen with high quality Damascus steel and all the 8 knives can fullfil your demands in the kitchen come with sharp blades and colored bone and bull horn handle with very comfortable grip.

Custom Damascus Bowie Knife With Blue Handle

Original price was: 200.00$.Current price is: 150.00$.

Buy hand made Damascus steel Bowie knife come with blue wooden handle come and have length 14 inches with  9 inches blade Razor Sharp Knife Come With High  Quality Leather Sheath.

Damascus Bowie With Solid Marindi Wood & Bone Handle

Original price was: 260.00$.Current price is: 190.00$.

Handmade custom handmade Damascus knife with handle of rose wood come with 10 inches size is one of the ideal hunting knife Solid Marindi Wood/Bone Handle come with handmade leather cover so you can carry this beautofull knife while traveling.

Artisan Hand Forged Knife SET OF 5


A set of 5 Damscus Kitchen Knives its a Artisan Hand Forged Knife specially made with damascus steel and ideal for proffesniol use in the kitchen

Damascus Hunting Knife Stag Horn Handle

Original price was: 250.00$.Current price is: 150.00$.

Real Hand Made Damascus Knife With Stag Horn Handle On Damascus Blade Perfect for hunting and campers with brass guard.

Steel Blade Tactical Stiletto Outdoor Knife

Original price was: 99.00$.Current price is: 65.00$.

Handle Material: steel with wood Length: 22.5 CM Blade length: 9.5 CM Handle length: 12.5 cm Blade thickness: 3.0mm Blade material: 8CR18 Knife handle: steel with wood

Handmade Damascus Steel Mother of Pearl Pocket/Folding Knife

Original price was: 200.00$.Current price is: 150.00$.

Real damascus folding knife comes with leather sheath to protect from stains and sharp blade. Folding is also a EDC for different purposes.Handle is made of bone.

Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Hunting Knife


This bone and Damascus blaster hunter Damascus skinning knife is a great handmade hunting knife. Featuring a full tang Damascus blade, this knife is very sharp and perfect for skinning game Each knife comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife


Experience Hunting like Never Before with this handmade damascos steel knife made with wallnut wood handle and come with leather sheath one of stylish handmade Damascus hunting knife

Damascus Steak Knife Set

Original price was: 300.00$.Current price is: 260.00$.

We designed these Handmade Damascus Steel Steak Knife with classing vintage look made with the full-tang blade a long rosewood handle makes it easy to cut through large pieces of steak and meat. The high carbon of the steel makes this steak knife incredibly sharp exquisite steak knives.

Handmade Damascus Steel Black Pocket Knife With Ribbed Handle


Pocket knives are made for everyday and outdoor purposes like hunting, camping, tracking even for kitchen use. They are sharp in use and firm grip. This pocket knife detailed as; Buffalo Horn Black Ribbed Handle, Brass Liners handle and damascus steel blade. Comes With leather sheath.