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Buy your favorite hand-forged Damascus knives handmade custom Damascus steel knife. All our knives are hand forged and built with original Damascus steel and we promise to give you Quality Damascus steel knives with the option of free delivery to the USA.


Hammered Damascus Chef Knife 6PCS YOSHIHIRO

Original price was: 849.99$.Current price is: 400.00$.

  • Edge Angle: Double Edged
  • Grade: Hammered Damascus
  • Handle Shape: Western
  • Handle Material: Mahogany
  • HRC: 60
  • Handcrafted in Japan

Bunka Damascus Japanese Knife 170mm

Original price was: 350.00$.Current price is: 250.00$.


  • Knife Type: Bunka
  • Steel Type: R2/SG2 (Stain resistant steel)
  • Blade Hardness: HRC 62-63
  • Blade Type: Double edged blade
  • Blade Length: 170mm (6.7")
  • Blade Height: 47mm (1.9")
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm (0.079")
  • Handle Material: Red Lacquered

Handmade Hammered Forged Santoku Knife Chef Knife

Original price was: 350.00$.Current price is: 280.00$.

We have been working on Octagon Handle for so long, Finally wait is over. Brand New High Quality Hand forged hammered Chef Knife Material - VG-10 Hammered Damascus.

Damascus 8 Inch Japanese Chef Knife

Original price was: 350.00$.Current price is: 260.00$.

Product information:

  • Specifications: 7-inch Japanese kitchen knife with octagonal handle
  • Material: 67 layers of Damascus forged steel
  • Total length 8 84CM blade length 8 19.8CM blade width 86.0CM
  • Thickness 8 about 2.1MM weight: 215G
  • Packing: gift box 402*8*3.5CM

Damascus AU10 Kitchen Sharp Knife


Full length: 32.7cm Blade length: 20.5cm Blade width: 4.0cm (the widest point) Blade thickness: 2.0mm Hardness: 60 HRC. Material: AUS10 Damascus steel. Handle: High quality blue black Micarta.

Damascus Steel Knife With Camel Bone Horn Handle


Olive Wood Handle Handmade Chef Knife Set

Original price was: 450.00$.Current price is: 299.00$.

Handmade Damascus chef knife set of 5 pcs with Olive Wood handle Kitchen knife set for chef Beautiful Gift for Mother Sister Wife or anyone who spent time in kitchen or work as chef.

Premium Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

Original price was: 450.00$.Current price is: 350.00$.

We have make hand forged premium quality Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set. This set will cover 99% of the tasks required in kitchen with 4-piece set includes the Damascus Steel Serrated Bread Knife,  10" Damascus Steel Slicing and Carving Knife, 8" Damascus Steel Chef Knife, and the Damascus Steel 4.5" Petty Utility Knife. All knives are ideal for kitchen duties, including paring, peeling and chopping herbs. The meat slicing and carving knife makes short work of large cuts of meat. Whether that is a delicious smoked brisket, thin tri-tip or a large roast, the 10" blade will make slicing through these large cuts of meat a breeze. The ultimate kitchen knife set is best choice if you are finding kitchen knife set with durability quality and sharpness.

Handmade Damascus Steel Steak Knife Set

Original price was: 350.00$.Current price is: 199.00$.

Damascus hand made High Carbon Steel knife set made with  high Carbon Steel15n20 Good for Gift Made of Best Quality Damascus Steel Blade, Hand forged and folded 5 times, with 200 plus true layers.

Handmade Damascus Steel Skinner Knife

Original price was: 190.00$.Current price is: 110.00$.

Made with 1095 and 15n20 quality steels, the high carbon content of 1095 gives this knife an extremely sharp and durable edge and makes skinning knife. Overall Length: 8.25" Handle Length: 4.125" Blade Length: 4.125" Blade Material: Damascus Steel 1095/15n20 Blade thickness: 4mm Damascus pattern: Twist Tang: full tang Number of layers: 264 Grind: Secondary...

Damascus Steak Knife Set

Original price was: 300.00$.Current price is: 260.00$.

We designed these Handmade Damascus Steel Steak Knife with classing vintage look made with the full-tang blade a long rosewood handle makes it easy to cut through large pieces of steak and meat. The high carbon of the steel makes this steak knife incredibly sharp exquisite steak knives.

Red Black Braided Wood Spear Full Tang Knife

Original price was: 250.00$.Current price is: 180.00$.

A dagger is a knife with a very sharp point and usually two sharp edges, typically designed or capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon. Comes with leather sheath.

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  • Delivery is Free For USA ?
    Yes as USA people love our collection and they are passionate about Damascus knives we offer them free delivery with DHL for them you don't have to pay extra fees for any knife you want to order.
  • What Are The Shipping Time
    For all the customized Damascus knives it will take 10-12 business as we make real Damascus knives you can also customize them all the knives will be dispatched with DHL tracking.
  • Can I Order Custom Made Damascus knife?
      Yes, customization options are often available for Damascus knives you can make your color handle and also engrave the knife with your name . we offer the opportunity to personalize the blade, handle materials, and embellishments to create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece. Customizing a Damascus knife allows you to have a blade that reflects your preferences and style. do email us after placing order so we can make it for you.
  • Can I sharpen a Premium Knives at home?
      Yes, you can sharpen a Damascus knife at home using appropriate sharpening tools. which are also available in our shop you can buy that, improper sharpening methods can potentially damage the blade or affect its visual appeal.
  • How do I care for my Damascus knife?
      To ensure the longevity of your Damascus knife, it is important to follow proper care and maintenance practices. Here are a few tips:
    • Clean the knife after each use with mild soap and warm water.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and acidic substances.
    • Dry the blade thoroughly before storing it to prevent rust.
    • Regularly oil the blade to maintain its luster and protect it from corrosion.
    • Store the knife in a dry and secure place, preferably in a protective sheath or knife block.
  • What is Damascus Steel?
    Damascus steel is a type of steel characterized by its distinctive swirling patterns and exceptional strength. It is created through a forging process that involves layering and welding multiple types of steel together. The repeated folding and forging create unique patterns that are synonymous with Damascus steel.
  • Are Real Damascus knives durable?
      Yes, Damascus knives are known for their exceptional durability. The layering and forging process used in their creation results in a blade that is not only visually stunning but also possesses excellent strength and resilience. Damascus steel knives are renowned for their ability to maintain a sharp edge and withstand the rigors of various cutting tasks.
  • Are Damascus Steel Knife Sharp?
      Absolutely! Damascus knives are known for their sharpness and excellent edge retention. The forging process and the high-quality steel used in their construction contribute to their superior cutting performance. With proper care and maintenance, a Damascus knife can retain its sharpness for extended periods.