Dirk Knife

8 Inches Damascus Dirk knife


A Celtic Scottish Real Damascus Sgian Dubh Dirk Knife with an 8-inch blade is a distinctive and beautifully crafted traditional Scottish dagger made with bone and wooden handle and Damascus blade.

Acid Etched Scottish Dirk Dagger

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The Scottish dirk is a traditional Scottish dagger with a distinct design and historical significance we make this knife with a Damascus acid etched pattern with black and silver color making this esthetic knife ideal for a gift.

Damascus Scottish Sgian Dubh Dirk Knife

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The Sgian Dubh is a traditional Scottish dagger or dirk knife inches that is made with real Damascus steel and a wooden handle that comes with a long blade of part of the Highland dress attire, particularly with the kilt. It is a small, single-edged knife with a rich history and cultural significance in Scotland. Here is a description of the Sgian Dubh dirk knife:

Rosewood Damascus Scottish Dirk Knife

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  • Dimensions: 9.5 inches in overall length
  •  5-inch handle
  • 4.5-inch blade length
  • 1.25-inch width, and 3mm thick

A Dirk knife typically refers to a type of long-bladed, double-edged dagger that is of Scottish origin. At Damascus knives maker we make hand-forged Dirk knives.

What Is a Dirk Knife

Our dirk daggers and knives collection are handcrafted from premium materials, with high-quality Damascus steel blades that maintain a sharp edge and provide durability.

Scottish Dirk Knife

Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting your journey into the world of dirk knives, our shop offers a range of options to suit your preferences. From historically accurate reproductions to modern interpretations, our dirk knife caters to a variety including Scottish dirk knives and daggers. if you also love to see our stiletto knife collection with free shipping to the USA do checkout.