Damascus Steel Chef Knives

fixed blade damascus steel chef knife

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Come with overall length of 13 inches with blade meterial of 52100 steel and hardness of 58 HRC one of best fixed blade damascus steel chef knife with : Rose Wood + Bone handle =

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Artisan Chef Knife


Damascus Steel Chef Knife come with 13 inches over all size and made with hand forged steel one of durable chef knife with rose wood handle Length of blade : 7.5"  is handle is made with rose wood and offer good grip

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set


Hand Forged Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set Come with blue color handle come with 5 different Damascus steel knife ideal for those chef who are looking for complete set of Damascus knives these are handmade steel knives made specially for chef for professional use.

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Chef Set of Five Pieces


Hand forged damascus knive set ideal for those chef who are looking for ideal knifes for cutting with razor sharp knife come with set of 5 knives we have mentioned details specification of knife above.

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Chef Set Of Five Pieces With Kit

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Hand Forged High quality  Damascus Steel Chef Set Knife with 5 PCS ideal for chef who are looking for sharp knife with very quality Damascus knife set for the kitchen we have mentioned the details of this set of knife details .

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Chef Steak Knives Lot of Four


Hand forged Damascus steel chef steak knife come with set of 4 knives and its ideal for if you are looking for best Damascus chef knife below are the detail specification of these knives. Blade Length: 4"  Blade Material: 52100 Steel, 5160 Steel, 203E Steel, 15N20 Steel Blade Hardness: 58 HRC  Blade Style: Chef Blade...

Hand Forged Damascus steel Kitchen Knife Set of 5


1. Overall Length: 08 to 12" Inches 2. Handle Length: 05" Inches 3. Blade Material: Hand Forged Damascus Steel 5. Handle Material: Camel Bone & Pakka Wood

Hand Forged Hammered Steel Chef Knife


Overview: 1. Chef knife material of the blade is handmade, high-carbon hand-forged steel and silver-plated steel 2. Reinforced The solid ebony handle feels comfortable, and the copper ring is reinforced, which is not easy to be deformed and non-slip 3. Cut 3/4 of the chopsticks at the front for slicing and cutting vegetables, and 1/4 at the back for cutting chicken and duck meat

Hand Forged Santoku Chef Knife Kitchen Knife

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Product information: Material: 4034ZW stainless steel Blade length: 149 (cm) Type : Santoku knife  

Hand-Made Damascus 9 PCS Chef & Steak Knives Set With Leather Beg

Original price was: 500.00$.Current price is: 400.00$.

Damascus Chef’s Knife Set ideal for kitchen and proffesniol use and come with high quality 9 pcs handmade damascus kitchen knife set consist of  , Apple Corer, Boning Knife, Butcher Knife, Butter Knife, Cake Knife, Carving & Slicing Knives, Chef's Knife, Fillet & Larding Knives, Fork, Knife Set, Steak Knife, Sushi Knife and also ,Includes leather cover you can  carry your damascus knives set in cow’s leather cover.

Handmade Black Kitchen Chef Knife Set With Leather Sheath


D2 black knife set is one of the most stylish for black lovers is a more established, demonstrated apparatus steel, depended upon in modern settings for making probably the most strong cutting knife set with sharp blades of all your kitchen need. ideal gift for wife girlfriend

Damascus Steel Chef Knives

Ask any kitchen expert or professional chefs what is the most important piece of kitchen equipment is and they'll rapidly say, "The Damascus chef knife." The reason behind that chef’s knife is a food processor all to itself that slices, dices, minces, chef choose Damascus knife because of its sharpness and grip and high standard of quality.

Why You Must Buy Damascus chef knife

There is a number of different chef knives are available but Damascus steel chef knives are the always choice of professionals. It's a daunting task to find a good chef knife but when you choose Damascus high carbon steel chef knife from our collection you always get original handmade Damascus chef knife, we offer a huge collection to choose from. With a wide variety, including Damascus American chef's knife and the Japanese santoku, and also can make custom chef knives according to your requirement.

Hand-forged Damascus chef knives

Get handmade steel Damascus chef knives and also at Damascus knives maker shave custom made Damascus Chef Knife set which is made with pure Damascus steel and These Damascus chef knives are made with Imported Japanese Damascus steel and offer very long-lasting performance Chef Knife Set are made with good imported quality 67-layer Damascus steel Our Damascus chef knives are built Ergonomically designed, superior control, perfect balance, and add comfort with wood handle and doesn’t slip while using in the kitchen and Ideal for long term for more chef knives also checkout our Damascus kitchen knives collection.