Damascus Tracker Knives

Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife Rose Wood Mosaic Handle


Mini Damascus rosewood handle knife is used for camping, tracking, indoor and outdoor purpose. Easy to carry and lighter in weight. Mosaic with rosewood give it a best look and firm grip on handle. Comes with Leather sheath.

Damascus Steel Handmade Skinning , Tracking Knife


This Multipurpose Knife is a perfect piece of handmade knives of our hand forged knives collection.Up to standard hunting knife, Skinning Knife, collectible knife. Each Knife comes with leather sheath.

Damascus Steel Knife With Camel Bone Horn Handle


Damascus Steel Raindrop Mini Knife With Dark Brown Horn Handle


Raindrop knives are basically the pattern that is designed on blade look like a rain drops on blade. Makes them unique and attractive. This Customize Damascus Small knife with raindrop finish is not alike other knives. Reliable quality and best Damascus steel Products. Comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Custom Damascus Skinning Steel Knife With Flint Red Mosaic Handle


This hunting, camping and tracking knife is a beautiful hand forged knife comes with flint red mosaic finish handle, makes it look different and gives firm grip. Comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Damascus Steel Olive Wood Camping/Skinning/Hunting Knife


This knife's handle is made of olive wood hunter Damascus skinning knife is a great handmade hunting knife. Featuring a full tang Damascus blade, this knife is very sharp and perfect camping knife. Each knife Comes with leather sheath.

Handmade High Carbon Damascus Steel Shark Tooth Knife


This knife is unique with its handle made of a shark tooth. This knife is commonly used for outdoor activities. Shark tooth knife is perfectly made for skinning, hunting and camping purposes. Comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Karambit Damascus Steel Knife With Guthook Handle


Made with hands hand forged damascus steel and 1095 AND 15N20 high low carbon steel with Made with hands. One of the best Knife. Each knife comes with leather sheath.