Full Tang Knife

Damascus Steel Handmade Dark Wood Hunting Knife


This 8" burnt bone leaf hunter Damascus skinning knife is a great handmade hunting knife. Featuring a full tang Damascus blade, this knife is very sharp and perfect for skinning game. Each knife comes with leather sheath.

Full Tang Damascus Steel Skinning Knife

Original price was: 250.00$.Current price is: 160.00$.

Skinning knife is a type of tool/knife that is highly involved in hunting and tracking, also used in the game butchery after hunt. Skinning knives comes with different handle materials and accessories. This skinning knife detailed as; handle is made of Horn/olive/bone with etched design With silver Bolsters Brass Pins. Comes With leather sheath.

Full Tang Handmade Raindrop Damascus Steel Hunting Knife


This raindrop Damascus skinning knife is a mini hunting knife. Made with Damascus steel blade with a raindrop and twist design. The handle is made of Dyed blue Pakkawood and Comes With a Leather sheath.

Handmade Damascus Full Tang Hunting Knife


Another stunning Raindrop knife in our unique Damascus steel blade collection knives. The unique handle is made of Black G10. Each knife comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Blade Bull Cutter knife


Damascus Steel Bull cutter knife is good in control for cutting big animal meat. Also used in kitchen , very flexible in use and smooth in control. Comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Bowie Knife


This Knife Specs: Overall Length: 15.0″ Inch Blade Length: 10 Inch Handle Length: 5 Inch Handle Material : Micarta Knife Color: Black Handmade Leather Sheath included

Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Hunting Knife


This bone and Damascus blaster hunter Damascus skinning knife is a great handmade hunting knife. Featuring a full tang Damascus blade, this knife is very sharp and perfect for skinning game Each knife comes with leather sheath.

Handmade Full Tang Damascus Steel Bowie Knife With Copper Brass


This hunting bowie knife is a beautiful hand forged knife comes with copper brass finish handle, makes it look different and gives firm grip. Handle is made of bone with copper brass finish and blade is of damascus steel. comes with leather sheath.

Red Black Braided Wood Spear Full Tang Knife

Original price was: 250.00$.Current price is: 180.00$.

A dagger is a knife with a very sharp point and usually two sharp edges, typically designed or capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon. Comes with leather sheath.

Full Tang Knife

Buy the Best Quality Collection of Full Tangknives In the USA with free delivery to your doorstep at Damascus Knives Maker. Explore our range of high-quality knives, expertly crafted with full tang construction for unmatched strength, balance, and durability. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, or collector, our selection offers a variety of styles, from precision kitchen blades to rugged outdoor tools. Experience superior performance and lasting value with our full tang knives, designed to excel in every task. Shop now to find your perfect blade.

What is a full tang knife?

A full tang knife is a type of knife where the blade extends through the handle, providing stability, strength, and balance. In a full tang design, the blade metal runs from the tip of the knife to the end of the handle in a single, unbroken piece of metal. The handle material is then attached to the sides of this metal piece, often secured with rivets or other fasteners.

How to Pick the Best Tang Knives

  • Understand Tang Types: There are different tang types available but  Full tang knives always have the blade extending through the handle, providing strength and balance. Hidden tang knives have the tang inserted into the handle without being visible. Partial tang knives have a shorter tang and are often less robust. Choose the type that aligns with your intended use and preference for durability.
  • Intended Use: Consider how you'll be using the knife. Are you looking for a Damascus kitchen knife, and outdoor bowties? Different uses require different levels of strength and balance. Full tang knives are often recommended for heavier tasks, while hidden or partial tang knives might be suitable for lighter use or decorative purposes.
  • Balance and Weight: The tang affects the knife's balance and weight. A full tang can contribute to better balance, which can be important for precise cutting. Heavier tasks may benefit from a full tang knife's stability.
  • Handle Material: The handle material affects grip, comfort, and aesthetics. High-quality tang knives have handles made from materials like wood, G-10, micarta, or bone. Consider the feel of the handle in your hand and its resistance to wear.
  • Construction Quality: Pay attention to the craftsmanship and overall build quality. We make high-quality tang knives with seamless transition between the blade and the handle, with no gaps or wobbling. Check for any signs of poor construction that might affect durability.
  • Blade Material and Design: Research the type of steel used for the blade. Different steels offer varying levels of sharpness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Choose a steel that suits your needs. Additionally, select a blade design that aligns with your intended tasks. Different blade shapes are suited to different cutting techniques.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: Consider how the knife feels in your hand. Ergonomics play a crucial role in ensuring comfortable and safe usage. Hold the knife if possible to gauge how it fits your grip.
  • Maintenance: Different types of steel require varying levels of maintenance to prevent rust and maintain sharpness. Consider your willingness to maintain the full tang knife regularly.
  • Purpose and Aesthetics: Decide whether you're prioritizing functionality or aesthetics. Some tang knives are designed for display, while others are built for heavy use. if you want to buy for gift you can choose with custom tang knife option at our website.