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Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie / Machete / Sword With Micarta Handle


  • Blade Quality Standard : 256 Layer (1095/15N20) Steel Blade Oil Tempered to 58-60 HRC
  • BLADE LENGTH 11.0 Inches , 28 CM
  • HANDLE LENGTH 5.0 Inches , 14 CM
  • TOTAL LENGTH 16. Inches, 42 CM
  • Handle Material: Micarta, Brass Bolster
  • Sheath: A fine Custom Made Leather sheath is Included


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SKU: DKM0391 Categories: Damascus Bowie Knives, Damascus Sword


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Blade Type Layers & Hardness:

Over 256 Layers, 15N20 & 1095 Damascus Mixture of steel and high Carbon and HRC approximately 56 to 58. The knife blade is 100% forged and is the results of hours of work. The Damascus steel used for this knife was created by forge welding multiple layers of 15N20 & 1095 steel into a solid billet.

This knife looks great in the sheath or on a belt making it easy to retrieve. It has the perfect sharpness to make your everyday utilitarian tasks an enjoyable experience.

Damascus blades are hand forged through a process of layering, melting and hammering. This results in each blade having a unique design or as some would say a “fingerprint”. Each & every knife is truly one of a kind.

Damascus steel has outstanding properties of strength and hardness. We amplify its properties by oil quenching it at 2100 deg F to cool it down fast and we do it twice to make sure it’s hard to its inner core to withstand any kind of work you may put it to use. It achieves a 58 or higher HRC on the Rockwell Scale.

This huge knife/machete/sword is boss looking available in our online web store. Blade is made of Damascus steel and handle is of Micarta.

You Can also customized this knife and engrave your name on it 🙂


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Damascus Machete

Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie / Machete / Sword With Micarta Handle