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Professional Kitchen and Chef Damascus Knives Set Damascus Steel with Leather Cover

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Razor Sharp Damascus Chef Knives ideal for those who are looking for kitchen Damascus knives set would love to have this knives set in kitchen this chef knives set come with non-slip handles dont let hands tired while handling and you can easily clean.You can cut and chop all type of foods while maintaining their sharpness knife is made one of the best materials in the world,

Rainbow Handmade Damascus Steel Cleaver Knife


Damascus steel cleaver knife is a fine blade knife with raindrop finish on it. Handle is brown rainbow finish. A strong cleaver is best for bull cutting and kitchen purposes.

Raindrop Damascus Pattern Skinning Knife Blank Blade


7 inches Overall Length 2.625 inches Approximate Blade Length 3.75 inches Handle Length 1-3/16 inches Widest Part of Blank 4mm (1/8 inch) Thick Damascus  1095 high carbon Raindrop Damascus Pattern

Raindrop Damascus Steel Hunting And Skinning Knife


Another stunning Raindrop knife in our unique Damascus steel blade collection knives. The unique handle is made of wood and charcoal. Each Knife comes with leather sheath.

Raindrop Handmade Damascus Steel Chef Knives Set With Micarta Handle


This Damascus knives set consist of 6 knives different size available from 9 inches to 11 inches. The blade is marble finish and plain black handle made of high quality polished micarta This is simple and unique collection of knives for Kitchen. Comes with leather sheath.

Razor Sharp Damascus Chef/Kitchen Knife Set


Razor Sharp Damascus Chef/Kitchen Knife Set Ideal for chef kitchen experts or the person who want to cut like pro with these knives best for outdoor use made with durable damascus steel with hardness of 55 to 60