Bull Cutter Knives

Handmade Damascus bull Cutter Knife Collection

At Damascus knives maker we make handmade Damascus bull cutter knives from high-quality non-stainless Damascus steel with the quality standard of 15N20. Our Damascus bull cutting knife collection is specially designed for those who are looking for durable equipment for cutting bulls, cows, or want to hunt big animals and want to taste their meat after hunting or want to use for the professional meat industry in a slaughterhouse for performing their duty with our handmade Damascus bull cuter come with different kind of handles for better grip and also every bull cutting knife have leather sheath our bull cutting knife collection consist of folding bull cutter knife, teardrop bull cutter knife, cowboy nut cutter knife and also you can order Damascus bull cutter knives and check our collection included folding bull cutter knife and Damascus cowboy knife all come to all Bull cutter knife with Leather Sheath.

2 Custom Damascus Steel Bull Cutter Knives


Bull cutter damascus knife made with high quality damascus hand forged steel come with leather cover and sharp blade

2 Handmade Damascus Bull Cutter Knife Set


Big size handmade custom damascus steel bull/cow cutting knife set of 2 pc come with high quality of sharp 55 HRC with handle of pakka wood make it comfortable to holding and provide very good grip

Black Handle Handmade Damascus Bull Cutter Knife


Black Handle Handmade Damascus Bull Cutter Knife come with 7 inches overall made with very high quality 1095 and 15n20 Steel with hardness of 55 HRC and its handle Bull Horn with black make this knife very ideal.

Custom Bull cutter Knife with Pakka Wood Handle


handmade bull cutter knife made with 55 HRC steel with comfortable handle of high quality wooden of pakka wood come with sharp blade and leather shealth ideal for cutting bull

Custom Damascus Steel Bull Cutter Knife


Steel Bull Cutter Knife Come with leanth of Overall 7 inches and made with high quality sharp : 1095 and 15n20 Steel and 55 HRC hardness and comfortbale handle of pakka wooden and also have the pure leather shealth for securing the knife from rust.

Custom Handmade Bull cutter Knife with Pakka Wood


Made with hands this bull cutter knife have   high grade steel with red color pakka wood handle  with Overall length 7 inches and  1095 Steel Hardness of  55 HRC

Damascus Steel Bull Cutter Knife Handmade


Overall length 7 inches  damascus steel bull cutter knife with made with  Steel of 1095 and 15n20 and Hardness: 55 HRC come with leather shealth and its one of ideal bull cutting damascus knife

Damascus Steel Ram’s Horn Handle Handmade Pocket Knife


Damascus steel pocket knives, handles made of ram's horn . This little knife for multi purposes like, camping, hunting..

Handmade Bull cutter Knife With Wood Handle


Handmade custom damascus steel bull cutting knife made with high quality of 55 HRC steel and pakka wooden handle and come with leather shealth and very sharp steel blade.

Handmade Damascus Steel Copper Bolster Bone Handle Skinner Knife


Skinning knife is a type of tool/knife that is highly involved in hunting and tracking, also used in the game butchery after hunt. This skinning knife detailed as; handle is made of Horn with Etched design With Silver Bolsters Brass Pins. Comes With leather sheath.

Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Blade Bull Cutter knife


Damascus Steel Bull cutter knife is good in control for cutting big animal meat. Also used in kitchen , very flexible in use and smooth in control. Comes with leather sheath.

Pakka Wood Handle Bull Cutter Knife


Handmade bull cutting knife made with pure high quality steel meterial with handle of pakka woood with blue color and sharp blade come with overall size of 7 inches and its hardness is Hardness: 55 HRC.